by Taro Kimura October 1998,
edited & revised by Rolando Politi (aka) RAP (Recycle & Pray)


1 - to change the former appearance of
2 - to change the condition character or function of, as in electrical
current, a transformer switches it from direct DC to alternating AC.

A "transformer" is a dreamer who is discontent with having to accept
the human condition as it is defined and limited by man made Laws.

A "transformer" has trouble assessing the objects that he/she has been led
to use. Objects that engulf our daily lives. But, a "transformer" has
agreed to work and to try his/her luck at the transformation process.

A "transformer" feels extremely modest and is unimpressed by his/her
wealth or poverty. A "transformer" is very much childlike and does not
need the approval of his/her conscience before going into action!

Action without restrictions allows the perspective of living several
lives at once. This illusion is rooted firmly in the "transformer"'s
personality who is interested only in the fluidity and the ease of
everything, exactly like children who set off each day without a worry in
the world! everything is near at hand, the worst material conditions are
just fine!

The use of instincts and spontaneity triggers the action of transformation,
':really" or "virtually" or viceversa or in any combination of the two

The mere word "transformation" excites the mind of a "transformer".
This word defines the only action capable of indefinitely sustaining

Even with all the misfortunes to which the human condition is accustomed
to "as we know it " , it is fair to admit that we are still allowed the
greatest degree of freedom of thought. It is up to us not to misuse this
freedom. Therefore to reduce the imagination to a state of slavery is to
betray all sense of absolute justice within oneself. Transformation alone
offers a sense of freedom from all preconceived human bondages.

A "transformer" proposes and disposes. A "transformer" is master of
him/her self and he/she keeps a body of desires in a state of anarchy
which is integral to the transformation process.

Transformation bears within itself the perfect compensation for the
miseries that we endure and if we contemplate taking it seriously
transformation can also become an organizer.

The time will come when we will see the end of "MONEY" transformed to
some other value! it is already happening by way of barters which again
are becoming popular as a mode of exchange for many goods and

There will be virtual gatherings and real ones in public squares and
"movements" you never dared hope to participate in will be offered to
your free will!

There will only be one time zone and world control will fall into the
hands of the individual! a "transformer"'s prophecy!

If you take time to practice pure transformation you will bid farewell to
all other absurd choices, such as but not limited to: rivalries, prolonged
patience and the artificial order of ideas.

To practice it seriously you must go back to the original source of
transformation which is freedom of thought from reason and what is more,
you mustremain there.

Be that as it may the fact is that the path of the Art World is now
clearly marked and to attain the true goal is merely a question of the
"transformer" ability to endure.

We, the undersigned are baptizing this new mode of pure expression which
we have at our disposal and which we wish to pass on to our friends
by the name of "TRANSFORMATION".

We further believe that the meaning we initially gave to it, has
generally prevailed over its dictionary sense.

Those who might dispute our right to employ the term "Transformation"
in the very special sense that we understand it , they are being
extremely dishonest, for there can be no doubt that this word had no
currency before we came along!

Therefore we define it once and for all:

TRANSFORMATION (Noun), an action of psychic automatism in its pure
state, which by means of fine art,music,literature,architecture,film or
in any other creative manner, proposes the actual functioning of thought
with the absence of any control exercised by reason and exempt from
any moral or aesthetic concern.

TRANSFORMATION (philosophy), is based on the belief of superior reality
for certain forms of previously neglected associations, also in the omni-
potence of dreams and in the disinterested play of thought. It tends to
eliminate once and for all, all other psychic mechanisms and it tends to
SUBSTITUTE itself for them in the process of solving the major problems
of life.

The following "transformers" have performed acts of ABSOLUTE TRANS-
FORMATION : Josy Cobb,Jorge Dreisorner, Taro Kimura, Otso Kupiainen,
Lex Loeb, Yuzuru Miyahara, Stefano Psquini, Roger Petersson, Rolando
Politi, Barnabas Strickland, Guy Van den Bril, Esche Van den Bogerd,
Anke Wickmann.

There seems to be up to the present time and of course, if one is to
judge them only superficially by their results, a good number of people who
could pass for "transformers".

Andre Breton is a transformer in surrealism.
William Burroughs is a transformer in cut-up.
M. Eisenstein is a transformer in montage.
Le Marquis de Sade is a transformer in Sadism.
Adolf Hitler is a transformer in Nazism.
Sigmund Freud is a transformer in libido.
Nietzsche is a transformer in Zarathustra.
Marcel Duchamp is a transformer in ready-made.
Raymond Roussel is a transformer in storytelling.

However it must be singled out that these well known people did not
always act like "transformers". In each of them one can discern a certain
number of preconceived ideas to which they held on because they had not
heard the TRANSFORMATION voice! these characters were instruments too
full of pride and that is why they did not always produce an harmonious

"Transformers" instead turn themselves into simple receptacles of so
many echoes, basic recording instruments who are not mesmerized by
the drawings that they are making and as such they serve an even nobler
cause. They render with integrity the talent which has been lent to them!

The ideal "transformer" can speak transformation at will, oral agility
constantly follow his or her thoughts. A true "transformer" is like an
open book who does nothing to retain the pages which fly away in the
windy wake of daily living.

Transformation does not allow those who devote themselves to it to
forsake it whenever they like. It acts on the mind very much like drugs
do. In many ways, transformation occurs as a new vice which is not however
necessarily restricted to the happy few!

To a true "transformer" images of transformation come on spontaneously
and naturally without the need to be evoked. The 'transformer" cannot
chase them away because the Will is now powerless and no longer controls
the faculties!

Images of transformation are innumerable! to classify and to list them
would be beyond the scope of this Manifesto. Enough is to say that,
whether we like it or not, there are more transformation images than any
one "transformer" could ever master!

In the methods of transformation everything and anything is valid when it
comes to obtaining the desired suddeness from certain associations,thus,
Amphiony and Abulafia have the same value as the introduction of a
platitude into a literary analysis of the most rigorous sort!

Under the spell of transformation it is even permissible to entitle POEM
which we get from the most random assemblage of headlines and scraps
of headlines cut out from newspapers. We could offer many more examples
from the fields of Theater, Philosophy, the Sciences...........
it is like a discovery by accident within a process of whimsical

One closing and perhaps one of the better examples of transformation
methodology stems from the simple activation of a magical switch.
Consider a Trial like this: the accused has published a book which is an
outrage to public decency. Several of his most respected and honorable
fellow citizens have lodged a complaint against him, and he is also
charged with slander and libel. There are also all sorts of other charges
against him such as insulting and defaming the Army, inciting to murder

The accused wastes no time in agreeing with the accusers in stigmatizing
most of the ideas expressed. His only defense is the claim that HE DOES
said book being no more and no less than a "transformer"'s concoction
which precludes any question of merit or lack of merit on the part of the
person who signs it; further, that all he has done is copy a document
without offering any opinion thereon and that he is at least as FOREIGN

What is true for the publication of a book will also hold true for a
whole host of other "actions" as soon as a "transformer" methods start to
enjoy widespread favor. When that happens, a new morality must be
substituted for the prevailing morality, the source of all our trials and

A new morality based on the prophecy of one time zone and life/world
control in the hands of the individual who will trust the awareness of
the "moment", of the here and now, of non-judgemental investigations,
and without RESISTANCE thus eliminating any chance for the new
morality to have any power over you!